Opening Hours for Christmas and New Year

Lenses For Hire will be closed between Christmas and New Year.

We'll be open until the normal close of business (17:30) on Friday 21st December, and then our next day will be Wednesday 2nd January 2019.

We won't be accepting any orders with a start date between Tuesday 25th December and Tuesday 1st January inclusive.

11 Extra Days Free!

But you don't have to pay extra to keep a lens over the whole Christmas / New Year period. We'll give you another 11 days free. So you can have the lens delivered before Christmas, send it back after New Year, and you only pay for 3 days.

The shopping basket page on our web site will take care of all of this automatically. It will automatically add on the extra free days and the appropriate discount so you don't pay any more. It will also pop up some helpful messages so you can see what's happening.


Please remember that the postal and courier networks will, as usual, be very very busy in the run-up to Christmas. Every year there is more and more internet shopping at Christmas, but the delivery companies can't predict exactly how much and it's very difficult for them to get their planning right. So it's quite likely that their networks will be stressed and there will be some delays. (Let's just hope there isn't bad weather too!) So we'd recommend that, wherever possible, you should build in a day or two of safety margin at the beginning of your hire.

Our last regular courier / postal dispatches before Christmas will be on Wednesday 19th December. So if you need a lens any time over the Christmas / New Year period, and you need it delivered to you, then you'll need to book it by 3pm on Wednesday 19th December.

We'd prefer not to have to dispatch anything on Thursday 20th or Friday 21st, because we think that relying on it to be delivered without mishap on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd or Monday 24th is just too risky. If you place an order which requires delivery on Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd or Monday 24th, we won't accept any kind of liability for non-delivery.

Local Collections

We will be open for local customers to collect equipment on Thursday 20th and Friday 21st. Obviously the reliability of delivery services isn't an issue here.