Updated 26th March 2021

We’re making some temporary changes to the way we operate, so that we can keep safe and keep you safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

We have pulled the order cut-off time forward. From now on, an order will need to be on our system by 12:00 (instead of 15:00) in order to be dispatched the same day. The reason for this is that we’ll only have staff going in to the office to do the essential handling – testing, packing, and so on – and we want them to know exactly how much they need to do so that they can minimise their time in our multi-occupancy building.

[New, 26th Mar] We are no longer insisting that all deliveries and returns are via DPD. The lockdown in England ends on 29th March, so from that date you'll be able to go to the post office to return your hired equipment if you wish, and you'll be able to collect from and return to our office in person.

We're still quarantining all equipment after it returns to us. We’ve tweaked our systems so that equipment has to sit on the shelf here for at least 3 days before anyone touches it. That way, even if it has inadvertently been contaminated by a previous user, the handling risk is minimised. Of course we’ll be sanitising the equipment anyway – we have plenty of alcohol spray and wipes – but this gives everybody a bit of extra safety. We'll also be providing anti-bacterial wipes with all hired equipment, so you can wipe it down before and after you use it. We'd like to think you can trust us to make sure it's sanitised - but you don't have to trust us, and it will still be safe!

We’ll still be providing customer service support remotely. There will only ever be at most one person in the office, to do the hands-on stuff; phone calls and emails can be dealt with from home. However we appreciate that on occasion this may be a bit unwieldy. For example if you have an observation about a piece of equipment you’ve hired, there might be a bit of a delay before we can check it out. Please bear with us.

The safety of our customers and staff is our top priority during these unprecedented times. We're fully aware that hiring camera equipment is non-essential to most at the moment. However we are happy and willing to supply and support those who have idle thumbs, who would like to take this time to experiment with something new and to hone their skills in preparation for when this pandemic is over.