Canon EOS 5D Mark III

£190.00 for 7 days

Launched in mid 2012, the 5D Mk III was arguably the best all-rounder DSLR in the world. As of late 2016 that mantle has been taken on by the 5D Mk IV, but the Mk III is still a terrific camera.

The previous iterations of the 5D series were fine cameras, but many users had been frustrated by their relatively slow frame rates and relatively unsophisticated autofocus systems. The gap between the 5D Mk II and the 1D series seemed too large. However, Canon fixed all that with the Mk III; it will shoot a reasonable 6 frames per second and it even has the awesome 61-point AF system inherited from the 1DX.

Canon upgraded virtually everything else in the camera too, compared with the Mk II model. In some ways the 5D Mk III is more like a full-frame version of the 7D, with the same ergonomic control layout and a high degree of customizability. In fact that's really the only drawback; the camera can be configured to suit your way of working, but it might take some time to work out how best to do that.

We can't realistically list all the detailed specifications of the camera here, so if you're interested you'll find them on the Canon UK website - here.

What's in the box? Quite a lot. Camera. Strap. Two genuine Canon LP-E6 batteries. Battery charger with mains lead. 16GB Sandisk Extreme CF card. USB cable. Stereo AV cable. Have we forgotten anything? We don't think so!


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